Monday, February 22, 2010

Distance makes the heart grow fonder....

Within this past week, I've been forced to reflect a little bit on my life and where it's headed from here on out. I went all the way back to the day that I decided to start doing traveling occupational therapy. I remember it being one of the hardest decisions to leave a wonderful job at MGH in Boston and leave all my amazing friends and family. I was determined to leave my comfort zone, to explore exciting places, meet new people, be challenged again both in my job and within myself, and of course make a little bit more money (the traveling agency pays for your rent). I remember a friend asking me if I really thought I could do it and of course, I stubbornly stated, "Yea, of course I can, why wouldn't I?" Seven months later, I would love for someone to ask me that same question again, because I am not so confident in my initial answer anymore. I say this for several being that I miss my precious godson more than anything right now! He is at such a fun age and I do not want to have a relationship with him via telephone. Two, I miss my family more than I could have ever imagined...I wish I could see their faces when I am talking to them and have their hugs when I need one. Three, I miss the 4 seasons and the beautiful ocean view and salty smell. Four, I never expected to fall madly in love with a Texan and now that I have, I struggle with him being 7 hours away from me. And lastly, I miss my friends. No one can ever replace my Maine and Boston friends. I wonder why I am suddenly having such a hard time, but what I do know is that I am do not enjoy being so far away from the people I love the most in my life.

So...after talking with my amazing and very supportive boyfriend, whom always manages to create that light at the end of the tunnel for me, he encouraged me to look at past photos. So I did, and I wanted to share with you all just some of my favorites:

*I love this first picture of my parents and I because we look so happy and it's probably one of the few pictures we have of just us, especially recently! I am so blessed to have such loving and supportive parents! The second picture is of Cole and I this past summer. I was so happy to have the opportunity to take a month off in between jobs. It allowed me to spend a lot of time with Cole and learn about him all over again. This was our first swimming date. The third photo is of my grandparents first meeting Cole. I love this photo the most b/c of my Papa's big smile! That is one thing I miss most and love about him to this day! The fourth picture is one of me and some of my closest girlfriends from college...Liz, Courtney, Lisa, and Megan. I have been so blessed to have found such amazing girlfriends who have been nothing but amazing to me over the last 9 to 10 years of knowing each other! This, is unfortunately one of the last photos I have of all of us together. We went skiing in NH for a weekend for my friend Courtney and Megan's bday. The fifth picture is of my boyfriend, Michael and I. I had never traveled to Texas for my first travel assignment, I would have never met him. He has allowed me to trust and love again. Because of him, I am smiling more... Lastly, this picture reminds me of why I am doing this traveling therapy. There are endless opportunities and beautiful places to see and one will never be able to experience them until you move outside of your bubble...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl...ranks 2nd for amount of food Americans eat

Crazy huh? The first being Thanksgiving, obviously. But I can totally see why. Michael came to visit me for the weekend and for the superbowl we got all excited about cooking, that we overcooked without even realizing it. After expending all the energy during our cookfest, I found myself not wanting food after only eating 4 stuffed mushrooms. But, I was able to try some new recipes which I am happy about--so I have included some photos. We made sausage stuffed mushrooms (Texans eat EVERYTHING with either steak, sausage, or bacon), mini hotdogs wrapped in bacon and rolled in brown sugar, and 7-layer Taco dip! Needless to say, I sent home all the leftovers with Michael b/c we all know I have absolutely NO self-control. Besides, he can afford to get chubby, I can't.
I was happy to see the Saints win, I will admit. It was nice to see New Orleans have something to celebrate, especially after Hurricane Katrina. Although I didn't really watch too much of the game, b/c I was falling asleep every other quarter, I was able to wake up towards the very end to see the outcome.
What is your favorite Superbowl food?