Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl...ranks 2nd for amount of food Americans eat

Crazy huh? The first being Thanksgiving, obviously. But I can totally see why. Michael came to visit me for the weekend and for the superbowl we got all excited about cooking, that we overcooked without even realizing it. After expending all the energy during our cookfest, I found myself not wanting food after only eating 4 stuffed mushrooms. But, I was able to try some new recipes which I am happy about--so I have included some photos. We made sausage stuffed mushrooms (Texans eat EVERYTHING with either steak, sausage, or bacon), mini hotdogs wrapped in bacon and rolled in brown sugar, and 7-layer Taco dip! Needless to say, I sent home all the leftovers with Michael b/c we all know I have absolutely NO self-control. Besides, he can afford to get chubby, I can't.
I was happy to see the Saints win, I will admit. It was nice to see New Orleans have something to celebrate, especially after Hurricane Katrina. Although I didn't really watch too much of the game, b/c I was falling asleep every other quarter, I was able to wake up towards the very end to see the outcome.
What is your favorite Superbowl food?


  1. Pigs in a blanket...remember all the years we made those Kris? I made them for Tony for the Superbowl :)

  2. Chili I would say...I remember having the Superbowl parties here and all of Trent's friends along with Tony and Dad....
    Looks like a good feast Kristi, you can keep all the food there! ha!
    Love ya,
    PS have fun this week!