Thursday, January 14, 2010

Slight change in plans kids...

Michael and I on NYE in Austin
Best burger joint in Texas: Alamo Springs Cafe...where they have hand crafted burgers with over 10 toppings to choose from! So how did y'all spend your New Years? I spent it without work for 4 days, at an Improv Comedy show in Austin, and then finished it off the next day with a football game and then traveled to one of the top Texas burger joints in Texas! Yes, i've gained probably 8 lbs since I've moved down here but I'M HAPPY! I never crave red meat, let alone burgers, but the second I walked into this little cafe, my mouth began watering and before you knew it, I was shoving a 1/2 lb burger in my mouth. I topped it off with Jalapenos, avocado, bacon, and cheese! Yes, I know, it's a heart attack waiting to happen and I could literally feel my arteries clogging but I did this traveling OT gig to explore and experience new places and to be honest, I have no regrets about eating that massive burger! The other little picture that I have posted is of my lovely, charming, and handsome boyfriend, Michael. I know, same name as my Dad, my best guy friend, and middle name of my precious nephew and darling little brother. So why not bring another Michael into the mix? I love this picture of us b/c we look so happy and excited! And to be honest, it was probably one of the best New Years that I have ever had! He has such a tender heart and is probably the best thing that has happened to me in a long time...well besides becoming an Aunt; my little nephew/godson will always be number 1...well, until I have my own children (sorry Jenn, but I'm sure you understand!).
Aside from all of that, I did want y'all to know that I will be extending my contract here in TX until April 23rd. I was offered an extension with the hospital and after careful consideration, I accepted. I have really been wanting to get to CO for the spring/summer but for some reason, there has not been a lot of openings for traveling therapists. So, since my company is having a difficult time finding work in CO for me, I thought it would be safe to stick with Peterson Memorial while giving my company more time to search. I am not complaining, but I was really looking forward to another change of scenary and pace of in the meantime, I 'll just continue to eat massive burgers at my new favorite burger joint! All for now and much love from the hill country of Texas!


  1. He has to be a good person with a name like your fathers and after Cole and Trent!
    Glad your happy and anxious to meet the new man in your life...
    Love ya

  2. Congrat's on so many level's kristi !!! Enjoy your Burger's, your extended Job stay, and most of all your Relationship!!

  3. Cole says he isn't happy about all this...he says you left him, you found a guy to replace him, and now you are staying far away longer...

    (His words not mine!) :)

    Congrats Kris and glad you are happy all around!

  4. Aww, thanks y'all! Tell Cole that he will always be my number one man in my life-I already made sure that my Michael knows about it! haha xoxox